Official representation of your business in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Five Things You Should Know about Medical Device Regulation in Russia, CIS and the Eurasian Union in 2020.

Medical and cosmetology business in Russia.
We lease for your business office in Moscow.
Let's make certificates for your goods in Russia.
Let's organize the financial reporting for your business.
Let's invite the personnel and skilled workers.
Information for the management and logistics department.
To the participant "ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE-2020". (Russia, Moscow).
Specially to an exhibition new offers:
- registration CERTIFICATES of Ministry of Health protection of Russia and the declaration on medical products in Russia (6-8 months);
- accounting supports of the medical enterprises;
- registration certificates of Ministry of Health protection of Russia on cosmetology;
- commercial real estate in Moscow - medical rooms for clinic;
- the statement of a gage (the metrological certificate) (on the average 8 months);
- allowing documentation (RU) on the stomatologic and cosmetology equipment;
- medical, cosmetology and production LICENSES;
- registration certificates on medtechnics in Kazakhstan (5-6 months);
- logistics, marketing and client base in the territory of Kazakhstan.
All existing registration certificates of the last years of release are subject to renewal on new forms until the end of 2017.
In connection with the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1416 procedure of registration of medical products changed.
The scheme of work
Business plan (mini)

We can assume completely part of business process in your company on registration of the medical products (Outsourcing) .

You want to have business in Russia? We give you everything!(Business plan).

Scheme opening of business.

Step-by-step instruction here.

Registration certificate of Russia.
Registration Certificate of Kazakhstan.

You make medical products, devices?
You export medical goods?
You want to sell in Russia, Kazakhstan?
The first step in the country: Russia, Kazakhstan - "Registration Certificate"!
Company offers access to the trading market of medical products in Russia, Kazakhstan.
We have done for your products all documents for legalization of export.
We have base of clients (potential buyers) for consumption of medical goods.
You can have the official distributor in our person in three countries.
For foreign manufacturers of equipment - a special program.

We will ensure your goods get to the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan.
We will make certificates for products.
We have offices and are ready to be your representatives.
We have a complete logistics.
We are working with customs.
Doing business with Gosmedtest you do not need to waste your time.
Our experience - from the moment of the firm basis - 2000 e.
Any question, without ceremony, can be asked on email:
Contact information:
Phone +7(926)974-7383 *We speak in Russian*
Skype (button) on a site *We speak in Russian*

For the foreign companies we offer representation with support of "The address of medical products" that includes:

  • Technical testing,
  • Toxicological researches,
  • Clinical testing,
  • Examination of quality, efficiency and safety of medical products,
  • The state registration of medical products in FS Roszdravnadzor,
  • Production and production,
  • Import to the territory of the Russian Federation and export from the territory of the Russian Federation,
  • Confirmation of conformity,
  • State control,
  • Storage,
  • Transportation,
  • Implementation,
  • Installation and adjustment,
  • Application, operation, including the maintenance provided by regulating, technical and (or) operational documentation of the producer,
  • Repair,
  • Utilization or destruction.

  • If your employee does not know how to work in Russia, we'll give you a competent worker.

    We work with the Customs Service of Russia, Kazakhstan.


    Everything you need: send a message with any question.

    In the short term we will give you useful information.

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